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An Agreement has been entered into between and the undersigned Lessee, whereby the former, hereinafter referred to as the Lessor , Lessee to the latter the motor-car described on the reverse side here of – and owned and possessed by the Lessor – under the following terms and conditions which have been mutually accepted by both the contracting parties:
1-A) The duration of the present agreement is specified on the frond page. Upon termination here of, the Lessee shall return and deliver without further reminder to this effect, the leased motor-car to the Lessor’s office through no fault of the Lessee should fail to operate, ascertainment of the number agreed upon and mentioned on the frond page.
B- Abandonment of the car to third parties is here by prohibited. More over, it is prohibited to abandon the car insecure. i.e. Unprotected in the street. Should the lessee, contrary to the afore-said abandon the car, in addition to indemnification charges to be paid to the Lessor for possible car damages or for incurred delay in the Lessor’s resuming possession of the car he shall also undertake to pay the expense of said car’s transportation from the place where is was abandoned to the Lassor’s offices.
C- If the Lessee should fail to deliver the car within the defined term and up to the expiration date of the Agreement, in addition to the indemnification payment to the Lessor, ensued as a result of the Lessor being deprived of the right to use the car and make profit there of, he shall also be subject to legal prosecution initiated by the Lessor for misappropriation.
D- Upon request of the Lessee and provided that Lessor shall agree in writing, the duration of the present lease may be extended.
2-A) The car –rental is here by agreed upon and is calculated on a day-basis, combined with the number of kilometers driven by the Lessee as specifically referred to in the frond page of present document. Ascertainment of the number of kilometers is obtained upon the undertaking and delivering of the car in accordance with indications on the efficiently operating odometer installed in the car by the manufacture.
B – In case the odometer through no fault of the Lessee should fail to operate, ascertainment of the number of kilometers driven shall be made in accordance with reported driving courses, but however, daily charges in such instances should not be lower to the daily minimum rental-pay specified in front page hereof.
C – Any tampering with the odometer shall render the Lessee liable to criminal action.
D – All expenses such as the cost of gasoline , oil, e.t.c.. For the running of the motor car during the lease shall be borne by the Lessee More over the latter is obliged to attend to the water cooling system, air pressure of the tyres , proper lubrication and oil pressure as well as to whatever is necessary for the good running of the car.
The Lessee will assume responsibility for any damages caused to the car a result of his failure to perform the above maintenance.
E – The Lessee shall be also subject to the payment of fines and costs al law that might possibly be imposed or adjudicated either on the Lessor, or on the Lessee by any competent judicial or administrative authority as a result of any violation committed by the Lessee during the effect of this Agreement, including violations of any Police Regulations, provisions of the Road Traffic Code, etc.
3 – The Lessee has taken delivery of the car defined in the frond page here of, after having tested its operations and ascertained that the driving and breaking systems are in perfect condition as well as its lights turn indication flashes and horn. The Lessee does here by promise to return the car to the Lessor in the same condition as it was upon delivery.
4 – The Lessee is here by held responsible for any damage or injury incurred as a result of the car’s operation either while in motion or stationed to persons or property, whilst conveyor inside the car or outside Similarly he is also herd liable to immediately restore any losses whatever suffered by the Lessor and caused out of car damage or out of the car’s wearling off because of operating it in excess of normal usage and incurred after deliver of the car to the Lessee. Additionally the Lessee shall also be liable to compensate the Lessor for the car’s non-usage owed to accident damage or deterioration.
The Lessee shall be liable and shall restore any and all damages as referred to in present article irrespective of his being at fault or not for such damages.
5 – The Lessee shall carefully attend to and take necessary precautions to avert an accident of car theft he is responsible for any damages incurred by the stolen car to third parties or to the car itself as in preceding article here of. Upon at theft incidence , the Lessee shall immediately notify the Police Authorities and the Lassor to this effect.
6 – In case of an accident of mishap with the car Lessee shall inform at once the Lessor accordingly and furthermore shall not admit his own liability, but shall collect all pertinent evidence and other dada concerning the accident, such as names of witnesses, etc and deliver said dada to the Lessor for further action.
7 – The Lassor shall not be held responsible or accountable for any loss damages to any thing whatsoever belonging to the Lesse or to any other person whatever , which might have been left abandoned stored or carried and transported by the Lessee in the said car, whether prior or subsequent to the return and delivery of the car to the Lessor.
Furthermore the Lassor shall not be held responsible for any damages that might be possibly sustained by the Lessee as a result of delay due to car breakdown or due to any other cause whatsoever.
8 – The Lessee is not permitted to drive park or in general use the car violating the laws administrative provisions of the territory to which this car might travel or to domain of his residence. Particularly it is here by prohibited to violate the Road Traffic Code.
Furthermore the following are prohibited with respect to the leased car.
A) Driving of car by a person having not a driver’s license.
B) By any person other than the Lessee having declared that he is the Holder of a valid license to drive.
C) By a person who under the stress or influence of any cause whatsoever,(consumption of alcohol narcotics, drugs, sickness, fatique, etc). Fails to properly drive the car.
D) Goods or Passengers shall not be carried in the car against payment nor shall any vehicle be towed by the leased car.
E) It shall not be allowed to any person to drive the car whereas the Lessee shall not be allowed to sublease or to permit the use of the car to any third party without the consent of the Lassor.
9 – The Lessee shall in no case entitled to carry out any replacement of space parts of the car without the previous written consent of the Lessor, unless the replacement or repair concerns mirror breakdowns that do hinter the smooth running of the course of the car (such as faulty head light, a broken ventilator belt etc.)
10 – The leased car is covered against Third Partly liabilities by a third Party insurance policy i.e. For damages to be caused to persons or things during the driving of the car. The lessor had duly informed the Lessee that the insurance policy does not extend to or cover the person driving the car nor does it extend to or cover the passengers in the car. However the Lessee may sing any insurance polity, only through the care of the Lassor, in addition or extension to the aforesaid existing insurance polity.
11- The Lesse paid to the Lassor on the date of the sum of money described on the frond page as a guarantee for the strict observance by the former, of the terms hereof.
12- The Lessee stated that he owns private property sufficient to meet any loss or damage to be caused to the Lessor over and above the guarantee paid under the present Agreement. Where as the Lessor being fully convinced of the veracity of his statement, has proceeded to leasing of the car to the Lesse.
Any dispute arising from the terms here of shall be settled by the Athens Courts who are hereby assigned as the competent Authorities.